Equipped to “GO FORWARD!”

I just want to bloggggg!!! Can you hear me crying? Am I whining or what? It has been challenging trying to design this site. I want to have it up and functioning just like I see it in my head. Oh, if only I could think it into perfection. That would be wonderful wouldn’t it? Spoiler alert, “Self, it’s not going to happen!” It is hard and I don’t like it. It tries my patience in a big way!!! Am I learning anything? Certainly! Thank you for asking. I am learning repeatedly what not to do and on occasion what I should do. I get so excited when something finally changes the way I want it to.

Do you hear a sigh of relief? Help has come to the rescue! I hear the bugle sound ‘charge.’ I am not struggling alone. After a breakfast plea for help, Billy felt sorry for me and came to the challenge. He has been watching and waiting for his opportunity to get immersed in this ‘tech crazy world of blog.’ He has come and made amazing additions and I am so thankful.

The timing is on purpose. You see, this blog is for me. I had to design it, give it a voice and launch it. My task alone! This is the journey that the LORD has put me on. His desire is for me to learn some things, even when the conditions are not favorable.  Billy knew it and I knew it. In the right timing, aid was sent my way, but first I had to learn in the hard things.

Isn’t that just like the LORD? He sends us hard things. He sends things that we do not like, but all for our good and His purpose. He is teaching us, equipping us to “Go Forward.” For myself, hard things beckon me to Him. I have no strength within me, but I know that He does. He watches until the perfect time to lend His hand. I find out who I am and who I am not in these moments. More than me, I find Him. Jesus, Whom is faithful! Always Faithful. Oh, the hard things, unpleasant to endure, but so rewarding when we see the changes. Even in the little things, He brings amazement. Touching us at the core of our being. Those are the changes I want. The additions that enhance me and make me to shine for Him.


Hard things will come to us all. Conditions will change and strain us. Understanding will be tested and sometimes fail. But His purpose is equipping us to “Go Forward.” He is teaching us in the hard things. Some days we will appear to be going alone. Then there will be days when He sends someone to lend a helping hand, come to our aid and make beautiful additions that will amaze us when we look upon them. What hard things are you facing at this very moment? He is faithful and you will make it. Put your focus upon Him. Remember, even in the lonely times, He is looking on. He has a Divine purpose for your life! He does not make mistakes. He knows the end result. The ‘Big Picture Perspective’ is more than we can fathom. Lean into Him. Trust Him to equip you and design your life for His Glory. You are going to be AMAZED!

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I am so glad that you have stopped by. My heart and passion is help others see their life with purpose. Life can have some hard days, but we can gain strength from one another. I hope that you have found encouragement here.

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  1. Billy Bollinger

    Wonderful article. So true.

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