She is soaring in the land… the land of Promise. Could it be almost one year already? I cannot believe it, He works in such amazing ways.

Taking some much-needed time for reflection today. My soul has been so uneasy, not so much a restless thing … “soul-thirsty” is exactly where I am. Things have been so busy for months and I did not realize the withering inside. Entry after entry, right there in my journal, all the signs were there. I am found wanting! Thirsty! Go back farther. Even farther. Although my heart cries out, He is there on every page ‘Faithful!’ He beckons me. I am curious, how did this journal begin? There it is. A note to self, a reminder written in red, “He giveth POWER to the faint.” I read on.

Finishing up the book of Numbers had been bittersweet. The study had poured into my soul every single day. I didn’t want it to end. Couldn’t it just linger a little while longer? No, now comes the “practice” of it… put all that you have just taken away from each chapter, every verse and put it into practice. Live it well. My red note to self concluded, “Time to Fly… mount up!” Oh, how those words had brought such a tidal wave of emotions. Fear? Check. Excitement? Check. Joy? Check. Plus many more I am sure.

My dear friend was walking it out also, separately, yet together. Two paths, two journeys, but the destination was the same – the land of Promise. A longing so deep, as if the land was calling. The Promise given, confirmed and unfolding. I shared with her…

“It is AMAZING that we finish the book of Numbers today. The word art today truly gripped my heart. I am sad that this study is ending. I want to hold on to it! Isn’t that how we are, we say, ‘LORD, I am ready! Give me my wings and let me soar!’ But the very next breath we say, ‘Oh, Abba Father, don’t let go yet…. hold on tight. I am not strong enough, it is too high up here.’ The Promise Land is before us, there are giants that need to be conquered and territory to gain! He is right here… yes, HERE…beside you, me … and He promised to accomplish the victory in enemy encampment. He will provide and sustain where He pursues and promises! You are not alone. The children of  Israel continually went back to bondage, the dark, the “soul land of Zin”, but we have the complete Book as our guide, our road adviser and trip log. We can learn from their failures and victories. We can see the whole picture of their existence. All He ever told them – before he had to write laws to hard to keep; after He made laws and gave the remedy; during their plummet to sackcloth, ashes and mourning; in lands of captivity, wilderness, and even plenty – His one command never, ever changed! LOVE ME FIRST. LOVE ME DEEP. JUST LOVE ME! And He promised to do the rest. Just listen to your Heavenly Abba… love Him FIRST, love Him DEEP, and listen to His deep, soul whispers! Your Promise Land awaits in “the land He has designed just for you!” In His hand? Always! And that Hand knows the way!!! Journal the journey all the way!”

I was writing to her, but talking to me. I reminded myself to go all the way in, do not stop short and leave myself vulnerable. There was a cost of ‘God’s Best’ if I did not proceed. I wanted the Promise! I wanted the land! Did I believe the promise, or would I live in long-term consequences just like the children of Israel? The choice was mine.

I am living in the land… the Land of Promise! The long, wilderness journey prepared me for this land. There are giants to conquer in the land and inside of me.  But as promised, He is right here with me and I am all in! Faithful!

Is there a land so vast before you and you are fearful? Do you feel soul-depleted and weary? Remember and rehearse His promises to you. Trust Him for there is no other. He is Abba Father and He knows the way of the land, the mind of the giant, and He feeds depleted, weary souls. Faithful! I am so thankful for that, aren’t you?

I talked to her yesterday. She is living in the land… the Land of Promise! And she is soaring…

(I love you, Friend! I know you are reading this. Just a reminder to both of us. May we not ever take any of the journey for granted! Thank you for doing this life with me.)

                                                                    LORD, pour in that I may be poured out!



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I am so glad that you have stopped by. My heart and passion is help others see their life with purpose. Life can have some hard days, but we can gain strength from one another. I hope that you have found encouragement here.

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