The “New” has come…

From Royal Mail to snail mail… just in time to celebrate our new launch! YAY! When you visit Ireland and you become addicted to the tea, the “struggle is real.” This tea comforts my inner Irish. Thank you, Marsha and Ronnie Smith… a part of Ireland will always be with me. Kelly Sutphin, I know that you feel my pain. So here is to our “new website” and a “spot of tea”.  I hope that you enjoy …

“His Promise does not always look like what we envisioned. His timing may have gaps or pauses between the Promise given and the Promise received. The terrain in those in between times can be bumpy, parched and dry. The bumps and those hard places never negate the Promise… they can actually solidify the Promise even more than we can ever imagine.” ~ Sharon Bollinger

I felt as if I had lost my purpose. For the longest time, it was as natural as breathing. How could this be possible? I began to question everything that I had once known to be firm and solid. Life had shifted and brought some hard places that shook us. Change is not easily embraced, yet it comes. In a spiral of events, we watched some very precious things slip from our grasp and those we love. Our hearts ached beyond measure. We cried until tears would no longer come. Often, we found ourselves with more questions than answers. In our own breaking, we held the broken. We watched tragedy shatter life while we sought for triumph. We questioned, yet obeyed when He said step aside and then instructed us to walk away. We have known the helplessness of going under and yet, He held us. He brought strength beyond measure. He contained our breaking and let Light shine in. He whispered Peace in the long nights when sleep would not come. He gently held our trembling hands until we released all into His care. He loved on our aching heart and spoke Truth until we believed again. He stored up every tear because each one is precious to Him. He walked every step with us. He kept us from going under. He brought triumph in due season. We survived. We were not consumed.

The LORD walks us into newness. New things do not always come with ease. Just as a flower begins with a tiny seed, dry and brittle, buried in the darkness of earth until one day life erupts and breaks through to soak up the glorious light above ground. Most times, this newness in our life comes with the unexpected. No matter how much we try to plan without mishaps or organize every detail without surprises, the inevitable happens. Tragedy and heartache seems to find us and surprises come in the least likely of moments. There is never chance, coincidence or accident, but PROVIDENCE… ALWAYS! The Psalmist proclaims, “My times are in Thy Hand.” Our little lives are governed by Almighty God and He is never surprised by the events that intertwine with our being to mold and make us for His Glory and Purpose. His plan is without fail, always His Best and definitely for our ‘good’! In the smallness of my mind, I cannot begin to understand every step, but I trust Him. We are ever learning. Well, that is His design for us. He brings a freshness into our life at many seasons. During the journey, He will walk with us into the hard places to see Him like never before and draw us close. Just being honest, we do not like the change. I, myself, do not always like the change, but in time, He changes my focus. My perspective becomes aligned with His. When we REFOCUS, our heart becomes pliable and we can embrace all that He is doing. We will see the purpose of the “purging out” and welcome the “pouring in”. ‘Fresh Perspective’ is life to our weary souls, but it takes His faithfulness for us to own it.

Jeremiah wrote, “It is of the LORD’s mercies that we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is Thy faithfulness.” Jeremiah was known as the weeping prophet that lamented over the spiritual state of Israel. Jeremiah knew that the LORD’s newness was life and that He is ever faithful! He walked that out until his last breath.  I am thankful for the witness of Jeremiah and many others regarding this merciful, compassionate and faithful Savior. Their writings have taught me to prove His mercy, His compassion and His faithfulness. Their writings have encouraged me to write again, to embrace the gift that God has given me. In the broken places, I could not find me. I allowed the enemy to whisper lies. When we are breaking, it is easier for that to happen. I am thankful that the LORD continued to pour Truth into my soul and make those words inside so loud that I could not deny them any longer. I embrace my gift. I embrace His words written in me and through me. I had to walk this out to get here, but I never walked alone. His persistence solidified my purpose and my calling.  On this side of many hard places, lessons learned in the midst of brokenness, newness is beautiful!

If you have found yourself in the hard place, hold on to Him. Believe Him and learn in that place, no matter how hard. He will make your purpose sure and steadfast. You are never alone, even in His silence, He is right there. Repeat His Truth daily, continually, into your heart. Prove Him merciful. Prove Him compassionate. Prove Him faithful. In due season, newness will come and it will be Beautiful!

“Pour in LORD that I may be poured out!”

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I am so glad that you have stopped by. My heart and passion is help others see their life with purpose. Life can have some hard days, but we can gain strength from one another. I hope that you have found encouragement here.

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  1. Debbie

    Refreshing read!

    1. Thank you! Thank you for being “my” people, ‘my tribe’ … you encourage me and bring freshness to my life! I do not know what we would do without you.💟

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