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Summer is gone, along with the drought and scorching heat it often brings here in the South. This year is quickly coming to an end. Everything has been rush, rush, rush! Another season has ushered in and seems to have come graced with rain, a lot of rain. October is only a few days from closing its door on 2015. Fall is falling! As I am writing, the river birch outside my window releases its bright golden raiment with each gust of wind. Swirling and twirling through the air until landing safely on the ground. Something so simple, yet it holds the power to relax and calm a weary soul, if we will just give to it. What ever happened to slowing down – grabbing simple moments and enjoying simple times?

This past week, Billy and I took a ride up to the lake just to get out of the house. (An easy cure for cabin fever when you have hurt your back and been bed bound for almost a week.) This time of year can be breathtaking. The landscape presented brilliant hues of crimson, yellow, and orange. Occasionally, some trees refused to let go of the green of summer. Even a scattered few along the way just stood bare, releasing every leaf from every branch. The contrast was just beautiful. As we drove along I noticed the little farm houses with porches across the front. I must admit, these little houses steal my heart, I love them. Every time that we passed one I wondered how many people actually enjoy them today. Porch sitting! A time when people would just stop by and visit. A time when there was not a call to announce that you were coming. A time to just sit on the porch, share conversation and laughter, sometimes tears. A time of simple things! Just simple life being shared with people you care about and love. No expectations, no impressions… just simple life investments that make memories for a lifetime.

This past week, this ride, this rain, and the thoughts running around in my head this morning have stirred something deep inside of me.  Nostalgia, maybe? Certain aromas and flavors always take me back and I’ve been cooking more. To me, cooking is therapy. I am purposefully trying to focus on seeing opportunities of thankfulness. It is a combination, all of these. Simple times reflecting on the simple things that bring such happiness to my life.

I am not a “high maintenance” girl. I never have been. My husband, children and family will agree with that statement. I am easy to please. As long as I can remember, I have loved simple things. Simple things mean so much! I do not want to forget them or the times in my life that they were my life! I choose to remember:

  • A red tricycle being peddled as fast as my legs could go; mounds of fall leaves and little girl giggles; chasing “roley poley” bugs under the water meter; front porch sitting.
  • Swinging in the hammock; bike rides of escape and adventure; running from “hoppy bugs”; VW field driving and imaginary adventures; late night giggles, funny faces, and heat storms; beach chairs, books and sandy toes.
  • Ceramics and treasures; cooking lessons and a stool; safety of a Nanny’s bed; open arms and heart always!
  • Holding my hand; catching your stare across the room; wiping a tear from my cheek; your smile; late night giggles; arms that hold me; loving me always; baby breath; tiny fingers and toes; cuddle moments; ‘piggy back’ rides; bedtime stories; diapers and boots; high heels on tiny feet; bear hugs; big bed on stormy nights; my children’s faces.
  • Bountiful garden; canning lessons from the best; chasing chickens; the sm
    ell of horses; chasing horses; crape myrtles; rope swings; learning to saddle up; rope stirrups for little legs; little teeth; river field trips; picnics; boxer puppies; mowing acres – excitement to drive something; barn trips; dancing around the Christmas tree; redneck sledding; hot chocolate, grilled cheese and homemade everything!
  • Morning coffee with my husband; a Starbucks cookie with my daughter because she wanted to share; comical moments with my son, just because; a text from my son-in-law because he wants to share life; Bentley’s all over laughter at ‘donkey snores’, sleepovers in Mimzi’s bed, swing time with “little boy outlook”  and many sudden “I love you’s” because he means it; Baize’s little sticky hands embracing my face, sweet baby girl kisses, and sips of Mimzi’s coffee (plus everything else).

Oh, I have so much more! “Simple things” that bring tears to my eyes and warmth to my heart. These things have a place in my heart, in my life, and they make me -“ME!” You may not relate to or understand these “simple things”, but they are mine and have marked my heart, etched there by life. They have brought love, joy, happiness, sadness and tears. These are times in my life that have made me the person that the LORD is using for His Kingdom. He has blessed me with “simple things, simple times.” I am Thankful for simple! I want more “simple” in my life. This is my story that He is writing. Simple, more times than not, makes the most profound statement. I want more of that. My “simple things” can make an impact, more profound than I can ever imagine, in the lives of those around me. That is humbling.

Maybe we all need to bring back “simpler times.” Travel back throughout your journey, look for… focus on only the “simple things.” Write them down. Relive them. Thank God for them and let them impact you, your children, your family, and everyone that you come in contact with. Purpose today to make this one life that we have more meaningful with “simple things.”

LORD, Thank You for my ‘simple things’ that You have graced my life with!

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Little Things

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I am so glad that you have stopped by. My heart and passion is help others see their life with purpose. Life can have some hard days, but we can gain strength from one another. I hope that you have found encouragement here.

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  1. Thank you Sharon! Such a God given passion you have for writing what your heart speaks to you. Love you both much! Covet your prayers tomorrow as I go to the Spine/Neuro Group for evaluation of my broken Cervical spine from my fall 2 weeks ago.

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