Spring Cleaning Will Not Do!


Spring is almost here.  As a child, I had small tasks of cleaning associated with “Spring Cleaning.”  During my teen years, these tasks seemed to multiply into my job.  Having my own home, family and order of doing things….”Spring Cleaning” takes on a whole new meaning.  As my children grew, along with their possessions, I tackled different areas of thorough cleaning more frequently throughout the year.  Example, instead of cleaning out closets once a year – I cleaned three or four times a year.  It took effort and consistency on my part and theirs.  In doing so, after the first initial time, the job was smaller and easier to manage, not to mention less stressful (for the most part.)  These efforts create order, which creates less stress and much more harmony in my life.

I have found in my Christian life that a once over “Spring Cleaning” does not benefit at all.  There are too many day-to-day struggles, too many little things that can clutter my thoughts, change my actions and create unpleasant reactions. Allowing these things to collect, gather up and grow creates imbalance in my life.  Therefore, my walk is hindered.  Nothing can be maintained without toil.  The  word, ‘entropy’ means “anything left to itself will eventually fail.”  When imbalance comes so does loss of harmony, chaos, destruction and confusion.  These are not the “Godly” characteristics.  We know who the author of confusion is! My Christian life will not increase, my walk will not grow closer, nor stronger, unless “I” purpose it in my heart and put action into it.  Purposing to act creates effort, which is active/action.  I must visit the recesses of my heart daily and seek the Lord.  I must  allow Him to do the work there.  I must recognize the changes that He desires, the changes needed in my life and face them head on.

Saying thus concerning change, let me add that somewhere in the journey we must start RIGHT in order to finish RIGHT!  We must at some point in time start this walk in the RIGHT direction.  It takes purpose of heart and purpose in action.  Let me explain.  If we are heading in the wrong direction, there must be a turning, a change, in order to start going in the RIGHT direction.  If we are going Satan’s way, there must be a time and place that we meet Jesus, turning us aRIGHT, in order to be saved!  If we are saved and heading the world’s way, there must be communion and fellowship with our LORD directing us back in the RIGHT way, if we are returning back to continue in His way and will.  We don’t just wander into it.  We don’t just finish the race RIGHT, if we never purposed to go that way.  Somewhere there is a starting place.

Walking with Jesus is a daily walk.  It is a choice!  Please read on before you disagree with me. As we read, Romans 12:1-2, “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.  And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”  The word ‘present’ is an action word, which tells me that I must give, provide, yield, bring before.  I must place my life into His hands for Him to mold me in His way.  This is my ‘reasonable service’ for He is not asking too much or the impossible.  There is purpose in His asking of this service.  My life is to be ‘transformed’ meaning changed.  Like the caterpillar that becomes the beautiful butterfly.  For the ‘renewing’ there is a challenge to renovate, make new.  This must be done on a daily basis to have greater, lasting results.  Otherwise, I am always starting over.  Our mind gathers information and functions daily.  Even during sleep, our mind continues to process information.  As we all know, Satan can visit us in our “wildest dreams” …literally!  I must surrender my thoughts to the Lord every day.  Lastly, the word ‘prove’ which means to discern.  Without God-given clarity of mind…I will fail here.  I cannot trust myself to ‘know’, only God can give discernment.  The choice comes when I determine to take time and give time to prayer (talk to Him) and scriptures (listen to Him) daily.

Each day I must have “daily faith.”   Each day I must trust Him. Psalm 11:5 tells us that the LORD trieth the righteous.  Spiritual maturity develops in the presence of ongoing inner struggles.  Each day I must decide to walk in ‘Faith’ or to walk in ‘flesh.’  Therefore, I must surrender daily, for the flesh lusteth after its desires. Galatians 5:16 – 21 tells us how the flesh fights and lusts for what it wants.  Romans 7:14 – 25 tells how “self” fights to have its way.  This body will never lose its inclination to sin.  Galatians 5:22 – 26 instructs us about the RIGHT desires and how through Christ we can walk for Him.  In doing so, shining forth will be walking faith, witnessing faith, and winning faith. At times, we will shine forth “waiting faith.”  Many times in the scriptures the Lord instructs us to “W-A-I-T!”  Remember, waiting when instructed by the Lord is forward progress. It has taken me some time to grasp this truth and embrace it. Taking God at His Word, His Promise and just waiting requires patience, great amounts of patience!  Put action into the command that He has given, even if His command is wait.  Remember this is a choice, it is ‘your’ choice.

Anything can and will happen when we choose NOT  to walk in ‘faith.’  Failure is reality for our lives.  Once we fail in an area, we are ever so vulnerable to make that same failure again.  Many times we lose sight of our physical and emotional limitations.  We think that we can do anything, everything, do it ALL!!!  In the day-to-day we get so busy doing that we place Him on the back burner, under the bed, or even in ‘our closet’ until we have some great trial and need Him.  It is at this place and time, we summons God to perform some great miracle and deliver us from our pressing issue.  Our expectation is for  Him to rush right in at our beck and call, sounding out a spectacular answer and end our dilemma.  Truth is…there is much neglected daily clutter that must be dealt with FIRST!  God uses our pain to draw us closer to Him.

Not only busyness, but disregard hinders.  Disregard is brought on by selfishness ~  what ‘self’ wants and what ‘self’ desires.  Repeatedly disregarding our own conscience causes us to no longer hear that inner witness.  Each time that we brush it aside our sensitivity to hear the heartbeat of God is weakened. Those with regular engagement in immoral activity can’t hear the witness of the Holy Ghost, because of sin and lack of fellowship with God.  This in turn brings doubt, fear, uneasiness, discontentment, and disillusion.  Realize who you are and see Him for who He is.  Daily fellowship with the Lord can shine light on all of our issues. Remedy?  Heed!  Renew your heart and mind daily.  Check your motives and relationship with the Spirit of God.  Be on guard against spiritual compromise and danger.  Sensitivity to sin and assurance is in direct proportion to the “quality” of our day-by-day walk with our Savior.  We have a choice.  We can walk as unhappy, miserable, defeated believers or determine to walk and work through the difficulties with “joy” in Jesus.

Our relationship with Christ should be primary, healthy, consistent and unbroken. This does not just come by chance.  Effort must be made continually.  Daily faith comes with great benefits and rewards here, plus in eternity.  Daily faith is of utmost importance!  Remember, past faith is no guarantee of future victory!

“It is impossible to expect the abiding presence of Christ with us through the day, unless there be the definite daily exercise of strong desire and childlike trust in His Word:  “Draw near to God and he will draw near to you.” 

                                ~  Quote by Andrew Murray from “Insights for Daily Living

LORD, I desire “substance Faith”, pour in that I may be poured out!

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